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Formosan nato tree
Formosan Nato Tree is a kind of evergreen tree, exuding latex when broken. Leaves simple, alternate, oblong, rounded at apex, margin entire; leaves smooth, leathery, dark green in front, light green in back.
Shrubby false nettle
Shrubby false nettle is a kind of subshrub, 2 m in height, stem round, solitary or sub-branches, branchlets and stems hairy. Leaves simple, alternate, oblong, crenate at margin, stem long, leaf bases cuneate or truncate, rough in upper surface with white hair on bottom surface, vein and stem with long hair. The skin of the stem of shrubby false nettle can be used for cloth weaving, while the root and leaves can be collected for medication purpose. The fibers as taken are important croppers and also the materials for making fishing nets.
Tahitian screw pine
Tahitian screw pine is a kind of evergreen tree, 5 m in height (max.), tree trunks are supported by large stems, sub-branches numerous. Leaves laceolate, lush-growth in the end of branches, traces of verticillate growth can be seen on stem, sharp prickles on leaf edge and downside of leaf veins. A common plants grown along the seashore and river bank, large community, humidity, salt and wind durable, usually grown along the coast to block the winds.
Seashore Vine Morning Glory
Seashore Vine Morning Glory is a kind of rhizomes, vine plant, hairless, roots growing on the joints of the stem. Leaves coriaceous, saddle shape, margin entire, leaves truncate, divided, leaf bases truncate or cordate. A common plant grown along the seashore.
Chinese Bulbul
The size of Chinese Bulbul is about 18cm. They usually move in group, and often have their habitats in lands and forests of middle-altitude. The color from its head to neck is black, with a white spot on its rear head; the rear part of its eyes also has a white spot; light brown in the chest, white in belly, and yellow-green in its wings.
The osprey is a rare seen winter bird in Taiwan, and its size is about 54 cm. It feeds on fish, and usually flies alone in a height of 10~30m above the water. Once targeting at its prey, it will dive down into the water in an angle of 45°~90°to catch the fish and bring it back on the tree to finish the meal.
Little Egret
The little egret is white in body, black in beak and feet, yellow-green in toes. It usually makes its presence in flat land and rivers, paddy fields, fish farms, swamp, river mouth or sandbank of low altitude. Some of them fly south in winter. They usually move in a group; it is its habit to use its feet stirring up the water before catching up fish in the water.
Pacific reef egret
The pacific reef egret is 63 cm in length. They can be classified into two types: the black-feather type and the white-feather type. The figure and size of it is similar to litter egret, while the feet and toes of the pacific reef egret is yellow-green and the beak of which is in grey brown. They can be seen around the reefs in the coast and seldom make their presence in inland areas.
The hoopoe is 27~29 cm in length. They usually have their habitats in the wetland along the coast. They are the rare-seen transients in Spring and Autumn. They usually build their nets inside the ground. Hoopoes can run very quick on the ground, but their flying speed is slow. They feed on flies, spiders, locusts, earthworms and lizards. They make their presence on the hills, hill slope or grass land in Yehliu in March per year.
Japanese White-eye
The Japanese white-eye is 11 cm in length, this bird is found in flat lands and areas of low-altitude. A large part of its body, from head, back to tail, is emerald green, neon yellow in its throat, while a circle of white belt is around its eyes. This bird is agile and small in size.
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